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Our Services

US Tax Preparation

We specialise in preparing US Federal and State tax returns for Aussie expats, ensuing that foreign income and assets are properly accounted for and disclosed. We are uniquely positioned to provide advice on the Australian tax consequences of your US actions. With regular travel to Australia we are able to assist US green card holders and US citizens living in Australia to remain compliant with the IRS while living in Australia.

Australian Tax Services

Working with registered Australian tax agents we are able to assist with ensuring you remain compliant with the Australian tax office throughout your time in the USA, as well as providing ongoing strategic tax planning advice throughout your time as an expat living in the USA to optimize your tax position on your eventual return to Australia.

Superannuation Advice*

For most Australians, superannuation is the most significant retirement asset.
As a non-resident it is vital to keep track of your superannation and ensure the strategy is still appropriate throughout your time in the USA. Through a unique joint venture agreement, we are able to provide ongoing advice on your superannuation investments as well as providing strategic advice in relation to ongoing investments to these funds while away from Australia.


Personal Insurance*

Adequate life and disability insurance is the most sensible way to ensure that you or your surviving family will have sufficient capital to relocate and re-establish back home in Australia should serious accident, injury or illness occur while in the USA. Our unique joint venture agreement gives us access to some of Australia’s best known life insurance companies, with specialised products to allow you to obtain appropriate levels of cover at reasonable prices.